You Again

‘You Again’ was written by Gian Trüb and Michael Schneider, when the duo was joined in their band week in summer ‘23. Lots of good friends and good wine helped to set the tone and craft the new sound of ‘Heera’.

See You In A Minute

The Debut EP of Heera continues where «Me And All My Friends» ends – from late-summer days into the cold season. It follows a colorful day, starting with «Bagni» representing the early morning hours. Gian Trüb joins on the Piano for “Interlude”.

Me And All My Friends

Fantastic Mr. Amaru and Heera teamed up. Together they created an indie summer track to celebrate with all their friends. The song sets a comma behind a summer filled with celebrations, festivals, and live music.

About the Artist.

As former ‘Femi Luna’ members, Gian Trüb and Michael Schneider formed ‘Heera’ in late ‘22. Originating from a collaboration with ‘Benjamin Amaru’ and the single ‘Me and All My Friends’, the project has grown into the indie alternative space.